Arrow Solutions DC1 Biozyme

Arrow Solutions DC1 Biozyme

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Arrow Solutions DC1 Biozyme (5 litre)

Natural enzyme liquid treatment to maintain free flowing drains and reduce odour

DC1 BIOZYME is a safe, ready to use natural liquid treatment for pipework, grease traps and septic tanks. Biozyme uses enzymes to digest organic residues, fat and grease from drains, maintaining flow and reducing odour.


  • Digests and liquefies all types of organic waste
  • Begins working immediately
  • Works above and below the water line
  • Safe for operators, systems and the environment
  • Will overcome existing bacteria responsible for malodours
  • Continued 24 hour a day action
  • Ideal for use in waste areas of kitchens and food processing plants


  • DC1 Biozyme is suitable for use in foul drains to reduce odour and maintain flow. 
  • May be added to septic tanks to reinforce the natural biological waste digestion


  • DC1 Biozyme may be dosed daily down sinks and drain outlets during quiet periods. 
  • Typical dosage will be 150ml per day, or 1ml per meal produced each day, whichever is the greater.