Arrow Solutions DC3 Drain Clear

Arrow Solutions DC3 Drain Clear

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Arrow Solutions DC3 Drain Clear

Concentrated liquid pipe and drain opener

DC3 DRAIN CLEAR is a concentrated liquid pipe and drain opener which breaks up hair, paper and organic residues in drains, unblocking them and maintaining optimum flow rate.


  • Will clear hair, soap-scum, fats, paper, organic debris and slime in minutes
  • Contains Potassium Hydroxide
  • Does not produce heat whilst working
  • Can be diluted with water for economy
  • Powerful performance
  • Non perfumed


  • DC3 Drain Clear is suitable for use in the drains of showers, bathtubs, drains, sinks, toilets and urinals
  • Ideal for use in colleges, schools, hairdressers, hotels, institutions, leisure and sportscentres, offices, public authorities, etc
  • Suitable for use in sinks, baths, showers, toilets and urinals within schools, hotels, businesses, sports arenas, public buildings etc 


  • Slow running drains and weekly maintenance
  • Mix 125ml of DC3 Drain Clear with 500ml of warm water. Pour into the drain and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Flush with clean water.
  • Blocked Drains
  • Remove excess water
  • Pour 125-250ml of DC3 Drain Clear into the waste pipe Add 250-500ml of warm water.
  • Allow to work for 10-15 minute.
  • When clear, flush with clean water.

N.B. Never position head over drain opening. Do not mix with other chemicals. If treatment fails to clear drain and the services of a plumber are required, ensure that they are informed that DC3 Drain Clear has been dosed into the drain.