Arrow Solutions Erase - Liquid Graffiti Remover

Arrow Solutions Erase - Liquid Graffiti Remover

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Arrow Solutions Erase Graffiti Remover

A quick and effective liquid graffiti remover

ERASE is a blue thickened liquid for removing aged graffiti from most indoor surfaces.

ERASE has been developed to provide a quick response and as a safer alternative to traditional anti-graffiti products containing hazardous solvents. Removes most pen marker graffiti including felt tip pen, marker pens, ballpoint inks and general inks from most surfaces.


  • Suitable for use on most plastics, glass, vinyl, metal and tiled surfaces.
  • Formulated for use on fresh graffiti that needs to be removed quickly.
  • The thickened liquid does not run off and will cling to vertical surfaces.
  • Will not damage the surface underneath or put the user at unnecessary risk.
  • Suitable for use in on bus and train interiors as well as external surfaces.
  • Convenient trigger application.
  • Highly concentrated effective formula.
  • Light to medium duty graffiti removal.
  • Low odour. 


  • Developed specifically for use indoors in buses, coaches, colleges and schools, leisure centres, parks and gardens, rail carriages, shopping centres.
  • For use by professional cleaning contractors, local authorities and transport operators. This product has been developed to be safe in use by trained personnel.


  • ERASE is used as supplied.
  • Spray onto the affected area, agitate and wipe off soiling. Repeat as necessary.
  • Damp sponging afterwards or buffing lightly will readily restore the surface to its original finish.


  1. Rail Cat No: 007/032046 (750ml)


  • 750ml Trigger Spray.