Arrow Solutions FR1 Wash & Restore

Arrow Solutions FR1 Wash & Restore

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Arrow Solutions FR1 Wash & Restore

Floor maintainer for polished or natural shiny floors

FR1 WASH & RESTORE FLOOR CLEANER is a concentrated blend of detergents and waxes designed to clean and maintain polished floors, enhancing finish and gloss as it cleans.


  • Cleans, shines and preserves polished floors.
  • Will not soften, strip or dull polished floors, can be buffed to a high shine once dry.
  • Concentrated Suitable for use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber and thermoplastic tiles within schools, hospitals, nursing homes and leisure complexes.
  • Light to medium duty cleaner.
  • Pleasantly fragranced (clementine).
  • Single product for both cleaning and maintaining, that provides high shine finish.


  • Suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of polished floors.
  • Designed to clean most flooring including vinyl, thermoplastic, rubber, linoleum and sealed wooden surfaces
  • Used on floors in schools, hospitals, hotels, leisure complexes, nursing homes and retail centres.


  • Sweep or vacuum floor surface to remove loose dirt.
  • Apply product at a 1:40 dilution by mop.
  • Wring/rinse out the mop and mop up any excess material. May also be used in conjunction with a floor buffer and buffed dry.


  • 5ltr