Arrow Solutions FR4 Mirror Image

Arrow Solutions FR4 Mirror Image

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FR4 Mirror Image 

premium high solids slip resistant floor polish 

FR4 MIRROR IMAGE FLOOR MAINTAINER is a high shine floor polish offering exceptional finish and durability and is suitable for application to vinyl, thermoplastic, rubber and linoleum flooring. 


  • Hard wearing, high shine, metallised, acrylic floor polish 
  • 28% solids for exceptional coverage and long lasting shine 
  • Slip resistant 
  • Suitable for use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber and thermoplastic tiles within schools, hospitals, nursing homes and leisure complexes 
  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas 


  • Suitable for use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber and thermoplastic tiles. 
  • Absorbent floors such as wood, wood block, composites and cork should be avoided unless sealed. 
  • Used on floors in schools, hospitals, hotels, leisure complexes, nursing homes and retail centres. 


  • Prepare the floor, ensuring it is clean dry and free of any partially stripped polish. 
  • Apply FR4 Mirror Image Floor Maintainer with a floor polish applicator 
  • Apply the first coat evenly following the natural grain of the floor. 
  • Allow at least 30 minutes (or until touch dry) between coats. 
  • Apply each subsequent coat at right angles to the preceding coat. 
  • Three coats are normally recommended. 
  • Allow floor to dry overnight. 


  • 5 Litres