Arrow Solutions HR11 Kettle & Shower Descaler

Arrow Solutions HR11 Kettle & Shower Descaler

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HR11 Kettle & Shower Descaler

For the effective removal of scale on kettles, shower-heads, taps, chrome fittings and for general limescale removal on kitchen appliances. 

HR11 Kettle & Shower Descaler is a versatile and effective descaling agent, formulated to provide a gentle, food-safe descaling process.


  • Leaves no residue after decalcification & rinsing
  • Protects the appliance from harmful calcium deposits
  • Increases the energy efficiency of your appliances and prevents faults caused by the accumulation of lime


  • Kettles
  • Shower heads
  • Taps and chrome fittings
  • General limescale removal



  • Pour 100ml into a kettle and add 1lt of cold water (or to the fill line).
  • Leave overnight.
  • Before use, empty and rinse thoroughly.
  • Fill with clean water and boil, then rinse again.
  • If heavily scaled, repeat above using 200ml of product.
  • Refill kettle with fresh water, boil once and then empty.


  • Disassemble and immerse overnight in equal amounts of product and water; enough to cover the shower head.
  • Rinse well and reassemble. 

Notes: To prevent build up, descale every 6 - 8 weeks. After descaling the surface revealed may be eroded. This is caused by normal wear and tear and the prolonged effect of the limescale, not the action of the descaler. Test a small area where possible before use. Heavily scaled items may require a repeat application.


  • 1 Ltr