Clover Chemicals CleanIT Interior Cleaner

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Clover Chemicals CleanIT Interior Cleaner

A surface safe multi-surface cleaner, which cleans, freshens and enhances all hard surfaces without leaving a residue.

A viscous, blue liquid with a fresh fragrance and a controlled foam level for easy application.

Cleanit is ideal for the daily cleaning of general interior surfaces such as desks, chairs, windows, doors, etc.

Suitable for use on wood, glass, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel and other water washable surfaces.



  • Cleans effectively, leaving a lasting, fresh fragrance
  • Controlled foam for fast application
  • Enhances the appearance of surfaces




  • Floor Mopping - Dilute 120ml 'Clean-it' into a 5 ltr bucket of hot or cold water.
  • Spray Mopping - Dilute 30ml 'Clean-it' into a 600ml spray bottle with cold water.



Part of Clover’s Colour Coded System for the easy Training of Staff

This innovative new range of products has been developed by Clover Chemicals Ltd especially for companies employing large numbers of cleaning staff, such as contract cleaners and hotel groups. The IT range is so named because it has been designed to simplify the Information Transfer to users, making the training of staff significantly easier. The unique features of the range are its colour coded products and clear, pictorial labels.

Featuring seven highly effective colour-coded products clear, pictorial labels products that cover the cleaning of surfaces, floors and sanitary areas, the IT range is ideal for daily contract cleaning in offices, hotels, schools, leisure centres and many other establishments.

Benefits include:

  • Colour-coded labels and liquids, in line with European system - European cleaners will recognise each product’s area of use from its colour, simplifying training.
  • Extensive use of EU-recognised pictograms on labels - overcomes any potential language barrier when training foreign staff.
  • Multi-lingual pictogram guides are available on Clover’s website in most European languages as an additional training aid. Effective products - low residue for excellent results on modern surfaces.
  • Surface safe products - specially selected to minimise any risk of damage.
  • Low hazard potential to operatives.
  • Standard dilution rate for all products for ease of use - 1 pelican pump per trigger spray, 4 pelican pumps per bucket.
  • Simplistic range - just 4 products cover all general daily cleaning of surfaces, floors and washrooms.
  • Can integrate with colour-coded mops, buckets and cloths to offer a whole system.