Dusmo No.6 Mix Red Label - 20kg Suitable for Builders Cleans.

Dusmo No.6 Mix Red Label - 20kg Suitable for Builders Cleans.

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Dusmo No.6 Mix Red Label

A Great Product for Builders Cleans.

A more abrasive mix suitable for many floor types in particular for use as part of the final clean up following building work.

Dusmo red label is a mildly abrasive mixture that is suitable for painted and sealed floors where continuous dust control is required.  This mixture is used within many well known builders’ merchants where airborne cement, plaster and aggregate dust can be a problem for the public, staff and stock.  The mildly abrasive and denser nature of this product helps lift this type of dust and dirt from the floor surface whilst leaving behind a clean finish.  Contains a mild polish to help protect the floor surface.

Sweeping Compounds

Since 1906, Dusmo have been the leading provider in the UK for sweeping compounds. Made from natural, sustainable, recyclable materials, our range of products can ensure that working environments are free from airborne dust and irritants. Just apply one of our Dusmo mixes to the floor surface before sweeping to ensure dust is kept trapped on the floor. This keeps staff safe from respiratory problems and eliminates dust damage to stock in warehouses. Sweeping compounds are ideal for use in warehouses, storage facilities or on construction sites.